Analytics and Internet of Things create opportunities for better decision making

Analytics on Everything. Is it science fiction or is it really here to stay? Take the opportunity to create competitive advantages and increased sales revenue through user-friendly technology within Analytics and the Internet of Things.

With the help of the latest tools within Analytics and the Internet of Things, you can now adapt communication to each individual customer to increase your sales revenue. You can lower your maintenance costs in the industry with the help of predictive maintenance. Or study your data in new ways to find out what makes some investments successful and why others tend to fail.

The basis of what we now call Analytics is not new, but in recent years analysis tools have become much more user-friendly, more accessible and much more easily integrated into daily operations.

Our businesses’ needs to analyze data, both for operational and strategic decision making, are increasing day by day.
With the Internet of Things, completely-new possibilities related to getting links between structured and unstructured data are created, and you can react on data in real time. This means great competitive advantages and opportunities for you today and tomorrow.

Our advice is: Think big, but start small and test things out in the beginning.

Our services

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Corporate BI
  • Modern Data Warehouse
  • Sensation IoT Platform

Sigma is a world leader within Analytics and the Internet of Things. Our Internet of Things platform Sensation is based on the very latest Microsoft Azure technology and we are very proud that for the second consecutive year we have been named Microsoft's main partner within the Internet of Things and Analytics.

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