SENS is a complete solution with everything you need to get underway with your IoT initiative – sensors, gateway and real-time analysis of all your connected devices. Simple, intuitive and scalable.

SENS’ back-end solution Sensation is based on the absolute latest Microsoft Azure technology, and while it works as a stand-alone solution, it can also be integrated with your existing systems.


Sensation is the application that handles your network of sensors. With Sensation you can analyze and process enormous amounts of data in real-time. The information is displayed in a user-friendly portal and can be connected to maintenance systems and BI solutions, among others. Sensation offers extreme performance and you can scale your system from thousands of connected devices to millions.


SensGate is our gateway that collects data from sensors and ensures that all component parts are continuously under full control. SensGate is optimized to provide maximum efficiency and performance in SENS.


Our smart sensors that detect moisture, vibrations and movement, among other things. You choose what you want to measure. They are easy to install and very reliable. Sensmitters are included in SENS but can also be integrated with other solutions.


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