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Sensation is the application that handles your network of sensors. With Sensation you can analyze and process enormous amounts of data in real-time. The information is displayed in a user-friendly portal and can be connected to maintenance systems and BI solutions, among others. Sensation offers extreme performance and you can scale your system from thousands of connected devices to millions.


Sensation can act upon sensor data in real time and create events for EAM systems like Maximo, API Pro or other EAM system vendors.

The information is displayed at a user-friendly portal and can be connected to maintenance systems and BI solutions. With the administration- and client API you can easily design and develop your own user interface or customer portals based upon Sensation.

In Sensation we have integrated different types of sensor platforms: SENS, Axis cameras, Libelium, B+B SmartWorx etc. Other types of integrations we have done include metering data from energy systems, weather data from open data platforms. All of this can contribute to put your data in a context and give you valuable insights.


Aggregates: All data integrated in Sensation gets aggregates in real time. The aggregates are persistent and at a resolution that suits your needs. (Min, Max, Avg, Variance, First, Last, No. of measurements)

Formulas: You can easily create your own formulas to further enhance your sensor data. Imagine that you can calculate vapor density or excess moisture in real time; you can do that in Sensation.

Prediction: Sensation can handle prediction end-points and handle the results in our real-time data engine. This means that you have persistent data from predictions that you can act upon in our real-time data engine.

Event consumers: You define all integrations that you need with Sensation. We hook up on your processes and make use of the tools you work with today. There are no extra systems to work with in your processes. When you define your event consumers you get all the information needed to integrate in a secure manner.

Security: Sensation is built with security in focus. There is no need to have any open inbound ports to your hardware when using Sensation.

Client API: We have a client API to be used for consuming data from integrated systems.

Administration API: Used to control Sensation when building new services upon Sensation.

Real-time engine: We are using a proven real-time engine that scales massively. Functions based on this engine are; aggregates, formulas, rules, triggers, and events.

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