Our smart sensors that detect moisture, vibrations and movement, among other things. You choose what you want to measure. They are easy to install and very reliable. Sensmitters are included in SENS but can also be integrated with other solutions.


A Sensmitter is a product that is able to collect information from the environment around you. The Sensmitter is able to collect this information due to the fact that it consists of many different sensors. A Sensmitter, which is used in facility management, may consist of the following sensors: Temperature, Humidity, Light and PIR-sensors. That particular Sensmitter is called Conference, and can be found later in this product catalog.

The Sensmitters are based upon Bluetooth low energy, which is radio frequency technology it uses to send its data. Bluetooth low energy was chosen, as it is a well-known solution that can power efficient solutions. It also has good range, as typical range for Bluetooth is 100 m with line of sight and approximately 35-40 m indoors.

Each Sensmitter broadcasts its different sensor values to the SensGate, which sends the information to the Sensation cloud service, where all data is gathered and analyzed.

Sigma connectivity has also been able to fit all these sensors in a small body, measuring only 5.4 x 3.4 x 1.3 cm.

To make the product truly portable and discreet, Sigma Connectivity has chosen to power the Sensmitter with a coin cell battery (3V CR2450), which means that no cables are needed. Also, all Sensmitters come equipped with batteries, which make SENS a plug-and-play solution.

Depending on the usage (advertising interval) the Sensmitter can run for more than 5 years (if the advertising interval is set to 1 minute), without the need to change batteries.

A reason why the Sensmitter can achieve this long battery life is due to the custom data package that Sigma connectivity built.


The climate Sensmitter consists of 4 sensors, which are:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Barometer
  • Light

The climate Sensmitter can help you with many tasks and scenarios. For instance, with the help of the temperature and humidity sensors, the climate Sensmitter can help you monitor storage rooms or warehouses, so that they maintain the right temperature and humidity. It could also help you monitor your fridge, and notify you if the fridge is open or not, but also how many times it has been used. It can also help you conserve energy, as it can tell you if lights are on when they shouldn’t be. The climate Sensmitter is also a good tool to measure elevator activity, as it can use the barometer to measure how often the elevator is used.


The conference Sensmitter consists of 4 sensors, which are:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • PIR
  • Light

The conference Sensmitter is an excellent product if you want measure activity in certain areas. With the help of the PIR sensor, the conference Sensmitter is able to detect if there is presence in an area or not. This could help you understand user patterns and utility rates of rooms in a building. By understanding the utility rate of rooms, it is possible to optimize the usage of those rooms or optimize the cleaning of those rooms. The conference Sensmitter can also help you with surveillance over rooms and areas.


The desk occupancy Sensmitter consists of 4 sensors, which are:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • PIR
  • Light

The desk occupancy Sensmitter is perfect for those who work in an open workspace, where it is of value to know which seats are occupied or not. It is also a good tool when you want to know if someone is at their desk or not. By linking this information to other services, it is possible to give employees and guest a better estimation of where to find people in a building. Desk occupancy can cover an area of up to 1.5 m in width (if installed approx. 60 cm from the edge of the desk), which covers most desks.

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