Avoid downtime with the Internet of Things and predictive maintenance

Pågens bakery in Gothenburg bakes their popular gifflar buns in the evenings. The next morning, they are delivered to stores in Sweden, but also to other countries. Production takes place at several stations, and between two of them is a conveyor belt. This has proved to be a delicate operation because the mechanical roller that is part of the transporter wears out and needs to be replaced at particular intervals to avoid production stoppages. The problem is that it is difficult to predict the timing that is optimal for these changes.

Sensors measure the vibrations

In an exciting project, Pågen and Sigma are now cooperating to use sensors to help measure the vibrations of the conveyor belt’s roller bearings, because the vibrations increase when an incident is approaching. The only question is how long before this happens? And how big is the vibration just before the production stoppage becomes a reality?

Important analysis phase

“Now when all the facts are on the table, it is important to analyze them correctly and find the critical point when the system will send an alarm to our maintenance system Maximo. Then the roller bearings can be replaced at a time that does not interfere with production. We have great expectations for this project. And we see endless possibilities in the future if it is possible to anticipate and avoid other disruptions in our business,” says Peter Calen, leader for the project and maintenance of Pågen.

Process steps

  • Step 1 – measure the vibrations and collect data.
  • Step 2 – analyze the data to identify when the critical point is.
  • Step 3 – program the sensors to trigger an alarm at the right time.
  • Step 4 – act on the alarm and change the roller bearings in the morning so that it does not interfere with production.

Much to gain

Unplanned downtime can cost a lot of money in lost production and reduced income. Therefore, being able to schedule maintenance means a lot for Pågen. By replacing the roller bearings at a planned time avoids costly downtime and the gifflar buns can be delivered to stores as planned.

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