Smart homes with the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things gives completely new opportunities to develop business and improve service offerings. The security company Sector Alarm is a good example of this.

Through the functions in the Sector Alarm App and Mina sidor (My pages), customers using phone or tablet manage and control their security services, wherever they are. The app can, for example, see who raised the alarm or turned it off, and when it occurred. It is also possible to both turn off and turn on the alarm directly from your phone or tablet. These services have become very popular among the company’s customers and the majority use them.

Turn on or off remotely

Sector Alarm has now also launched Smart Plug. It is a smart outlet that contains a small radio transmitter that is used for communication and control. Lighting and electrical devices can be connected to SmartPlugs. New functionality has been added to the Sector Alarm App and Mina sidor (My pages), so that customers can also control their SmartPlugs from there. It is possible, for example, to schedule that the house should be lit at certain times. A convenient feature during the dark winter and an extra security during the holiday.

With SmartPlug you can also combine different functions, for example, lights turn on when the alarm is turned off, which is nice and welcoming. Or all the lights turn off when the alarm is turned on. A convenient feature that also saves energy.

Other electrical devices that can be conveniently connected to SmartPlugs are coffee machines and irons. This gives both the opportunity to check whether they are switched on and also to turn them – without being at home. A convenient and safe feature that makes the home a little smarter. Yet another direct competitive advantage for Sector Alarm.

Sigma and Sector Alarm have a long standing business relationship. Sigma has developed and delivered software for all functions in the Sector Alarm App and Mina sidor (My pages), for both phones and tablets.

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